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1.USB drive

Storage Capacity:

If you are putting together a basic record that will contain contact info, medications, allergies, and basic history, 512MB should be more than enough capacity, especially if the brand you choose offers a compression scheme that will allow you to crunch the data you expect to use less often into smaller files that can be stretched back out for later use (i.e. the Sony microvault series has a 3:1 compression scheme that will allow for almost 1.5 gigabytes on their inexpensive 512 MB chip).If you require to store many medical imaging files,then you should consider a higher capacity memory drive like 1-4 GB.


A few of the USB products you can buy have built in security systems. One really interesting scheme involves a fingerprint reader built onto the device that allows only the designated owner to access the information inside (although a password can be added as a secondary method for access if the user so desires, i.e. for situations when they anticipate being unavailable.)


If you are building a record for somebody you know to be “hard on gear”, the “ride it hard and put it away wet” type, consider getting a drive with a reinforced titanium or hard plastic case.


it is helpful to know ahead of time how you want to carry the record, and to buy accordingly. Some come with pre-punched holes for lanyards and keychains. Some actually provide rings or lanyards in their packaging. A few products present no easy method for carrying and are probably not good for our purposes.


1.Microsoft office- Word Document(Paid)


Some of the current USB drives like the drives with U3 technologies enable you to store software in them,so you could store the open office suite of programs in them,without the need for downloading the program into your personal computer.

2.Open office- Word Document (free and open source)

Requirements Template for your Personal Health Record Template for your Emergency Medical Information
  • Image to be affixed on your USB drive or Medical File.

[edit] Source

Product / Solution Name Short Description Costs / Charges Source / Vendor Known Contributions to by the Vendor Additional Resources Documentation Project Documentation, HOW-TOs Free unless printed See: credits page, signed JCA's CD/ROM Project CD's almost for free (cost of media and shipping) & commercial See: credits page, signed JCA's
StarOffice & StarSuite Supported multi-platform office solution including CD's and a manual commercial Sun Microsystems hosting costs, development, Conference sponsor [1]
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